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Below are a few good sites that might help you.

Mplayer.Com This is were you can get Mplayer you dont need it to be in my clan but it is really handy.

Aol.COM This is were you can get AIM this is another thing you don't need but it would be faster than E-Mail. The offical Half-Life web site it is pretty good, check it out for your self.

Counter-Strike.Net since this is a TFC clan you will not need this but it is really fun check it out. This is were I got the Admin info it is another good site check it out some time.

IBH_Home This is my old clan site you can go here it wont be current but it is easyer to sign up there.

IBH_Telroa's website.

IBH_Necro's site. He wanted me to say "its gay" but I think it is pretty good.

These are some of the Half-Life sites that I have found if any of them dont work tell me or if you got any you want me to put on there tell me and I will.

Last Updated 9/2/00

Long Live Imperial Bounty Hunters