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The Imperial Bounty Hunters
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Classes of Team Fortress Classic
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Join Imperial Bounty Hunters

Do what it ways below to sign up and welcome to IBH.

Just E-Mail me and answer the following questions.And you are a member.
1.What is you name during the game with IBH_ in front of it?
2.What is your best class on TFC?
3.What is your favorite class on TFC?
4.What is your Aim name if you have one?
5.What is your Mplayer name if you have one ?
6.What is your ICQ number?
and in front of the answer write the number of the question you are answering. Thx


Or you can go here this is my old sign up page. It is a lot easyer to use so why don't you check it out, but either way is fine.

And an extra thing I will tell anyone in my clan is a way to make a spy feigh invisable. But you have to be a member to find out so go join.

Last updated 9/2/00

Long Live Imperial Bounty Hunters.