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Newbie Dictionary

FPS refers to all First Person Shooter games
MMORPG refers to all Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
Quake refers to Quake1, Quake II and Quake 3
(Quake 1 refers to both Netquake and QuakeWorld)
TF refers to all Team Fortress mods
RPG refers to all Role Playing Games
RTS refers to all Real Time Strategy Game


Assist (CTF): Killing the "flag carrier" and returning the flag, with your team "capturing" immediately after. Both the killing of the flag carrier and the returning of the flag (2 separate actions), award an assist.

Attacker (CTF): A player devoted to grabbing the opponent's flag and bringing it to his home base for a capture.


Base (CTF): The area immediately surrounding the team's flag. It usually has multiple entrances.

BBIAB: Be Back In A Bit (I'll be back in a bit)

BBL: Be Back Later (I'll be back later)

BFG (Quake): Big F**king Gun

Bindings (FPS): Function assignments to keys

BRB: Be Right Back (I'll be right back)

Bug: A fault in the game's programming often resulting in many nasty things like "exploits" and "cheats".

Bunnyhopping (FPS): Moving around very fast by jumping constantly.


Cable: "Cable Modem"

Cable Modem: A type of connection with an "ISP" that generally provides the owner with a low "ping" (20-80) and a high download speed (20-300k/s).

Camper (FPS): Someone who performs the act of "camping".

Camping (FPS): Using the level to the player's advantage by either guarding important objects, or by sitting around in a certain spot without moving, hoping to kill anyone who passes by. While the first type of camping is often done in "Team Deathmatch" games and has been accepted as normal, the second type of camping is generally referred to as "lame".

Capture (CTF): Touching your own flag in base with the enemy's flag, resulting in a point for your team.

Cheat: A way of giving the player an extra advantage in the game, outside of the normal ways allowed by the game itself. In single player games the game developers themselves often add "cheat codes" to allow the player to cheat at his discretion. In multiplayer games cheats are rarely allowed. They are therefore made by third parties who use "bugs" to make these cheats. The use of cheats is online games is often regarded to as "lame", as it gives you an unfair advantage over the other players.

Cheat Code: A code added by the game developer to allow the player to "cheat"

Cheater: Someone who "cheats" in a game. This is looked on very badly if the game is played online.

Cheating: Usage of a cheat

CJ (TF): "Concussion Grenade Jump"

Clan: A group of players forming a team that play online "clanwars" together, as well as enter themselves into leagues where they can face other clans in competition.

Conc Jump (TF): "Concussion Grenade Jump"

Concussion Grenade Jump (TF): A jump high into the air or forward made by jumping while holding an exploding concussion grenade. This type of jump has been taken out of the HL TFC game with the 1101 update of Half-Life.

Console (FPS): Interface used to input raw game commands. Usually accessed via the ` or ~ key.

Counterstrike (FPS): A "modification" on the Half-Life game. See

CS (FPS): "Counter-Strike"

CTF (FPS): Capture the flag. Played with two teams and two flags, the aim is to take the enemy flag and touch it with your own teams flag in your own "base".

Custom Map: A map made by someone else than the game developers.


DD (Quake 1): Double Damage. Another word for the "Strength Rune"

Deathmatch (FPS): The most basic way of playing an "FPS" game. Simply shooting the opponent in an arena without any extra rules or items. Both "Free-For-All" and "Team Deathmatch" are types of Deathmatch.

Defender: A player devoted to keeping his own area safe and keeping a certain game objective from being taken or destroyed.

DM (FPS): "Deathmatch"

Duel: A 1 vs 1 match


Escort (CTF): Providing your team's flag carrier with help in getting to the other side of the level, fragging anyone coming near him or damaging him.

Experience (RPG): A type of measuring the amount of deeds your character has accomplished. It's generally measured with a number, and by reaching certain amounts of experience, the character can gain in "level".

Exploit: The use of a "bug" in the game's programming to gain an advantage in the game.


FC (CTF): Flag Carrier

FFA (FPS): "Free-For-All"

FF (FPS): "Friendly Fire"

FFS: For F**k's Sake

First Person Shooter: Game type where the player generally walks in a 3D world and has the view from his eyes. The game objective is often reached by the shooting and killing of opponents.

Flag Carrier (CTF): A player carrying the opponent's flag, trying to get it to his home base.

FR (TF): "Flag Room"

Flag Room (TF): Place in the level in which the flag is kept.

Flag Running (CTF): The skill of bringing the flag home after taking it from the enemy's base.

Flame: A way of expressing disagreement with someone by the use of strong language or offensive personal verbal attacks to the person at hand.

Flaming: The act of using "flames" on someone else

FPS: "First Person Shooter"

FPS (FPS): "Frames Per Second"

Frag (FPS): A kill. It generally gives the player one point in multiplayer games.

Fragging (FPS): Killing opponents.

Frame (FPS): A single image which the computer puts on the screen.

Frames Per Second (FPS): The number of "frames" the player's computer manages to put on the screen every second.

Free-For-All (FPS): A type of "Deathmatch" generally played on public servers where every man is out for his own, trying to kill everyone else in the arena.

Friendly Fire (FPS): A game setting. If set to 'on', players who are on the same team will be able to hurt each other. If set to 'off', all damage given between players on the same team will be reduced to zero. Friendly Fire is often set to 'on' to play the game in a more professional way, having to actually look at who you are shooting. However, with this often resulting in "Team Kills" and "Team Killers", it is usually set to 'off'.

FU: F**k You.

FUBAR: F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition


GA (Quake): Green Armor

GG: Good Game. An expression used after a match to compliment on your opponent's play.

GH (FPS): "Grappling Hook"

Gibbing (FPS): Killing an opponent with a sufficiently large amount of damage as to result in his explosion, thereby reducing him to "gibs".

Gibs (FPS): Bits of flesh resulting from an exploding opponent.

GJ (TF): "Grenade Jump"

GL: Good Luck. An expression often used seconds before a match.

GL (FPS): Grenade Launcher

Grapple (FPS): "Grappling Hook"

Grappling Hook (FPS): Item introduced in Quake 1 CTF, which allows the user freedom of movement by being able to kling on any surface in the game by throwing the grappling hook at it and pulling in the 'rope'. Still mainly used in CTF games.

Grenade Jump (TF): A jump high into the air or forward


Haste (Quake 3): A time-based powerup that allows the user to move and fire twice as fast. The powerup is ejected and left behind when the owner dies.

Haste Rune (Quake 1): A powerup in the form of a rune which can be picked up and bestows the owner with doubled movement and firing speed. The rune is ejected and left behind when the owner dies.

HF: Have Fun. An expression often used seconds before a match starts.

High Ping Bastard: A player with a high "ping". This used to be a ping over 300, but with the current connections, it's generally a person with a ping over 150 or 200.

High Ping Wuss: "High Ping Bastard"

HL (FPS): Half-Life

Hook (FPS): "Grappling Hook"

HPB: "High Ping Bastard"

HPW: "High Ping Wuss"


IMHO: In My Honest Opinion

IMO: In My Opinion

Intercept (CTF): The act of fragging the enemy's "flag carrier", making him drop the flag.

Internet Service Provider: The company which connects you to the Internet.

ISDN: Integrated Services Data Network. ISDN is a type of connection with an "ISP" which generally allows for low "pings" (40-100).

ISP: "Internet Service Provider"


J/K: Just Kidding



L33tsp34k: "Leetspeak"

Lag: Problems with sending information between the player and the server. This can be the result of a high "ping" or a temporary disruption of all communication between you and the server. The result is that the player is unable to control the game during this time, which might be detrimental for the player.

Lame: General term used for bad, obstructive or negative actions, players or behavior.

Lamer: A person who is regarded as being or acting "lame".

Latency: Your "ping" time. A latency of 200 means a ping of 200.

Leetspeak: Speaking in a special manner by replacing letters with numbers and symbols, by using a lot of abbreviations and by specials terms. Example: 1 b3 d4 l33t H4><0R \/\/H0 0w|\|Z y00 4||! (I am the elite hacker who "owns" you all!)

Level (FPS/RTS): A single setting or area in which the game takes place. Also referred to as map or stage.

Level (RPG): A measurement used to display a character's advancement. A character with a higher level is generally stronger than someone with a lower level.

LG (Quake): Lightning Gun

Llama: A "Lamer"

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off. Expression used to express the player's joy.

LOL: Laughing Out Loud. Expression used to express the player's joy.

Low Ping Bastard: A player with a low "ping". This used to be a ping under 200, but with the current connections, it's generally a person with a ping under 100.

LPB: "Low Ping Bastard"


Map: A "level".

Midfield (CTF): The area between the teams' "bases".

Midfielder (CTF): A person who roams the "midfield", generally "camping" the important items, "intercepting" the enemy's "flag carrier" and "escorting" his own "flag carrier".

MMORPG (RPG): Massive Multiplayer Online "Role Playing Game". The first MMORPG ever was Ultima Online.

MOD: "Modification"

Modification: An adjustment or addition to an existing game, resulting in a new game-type. For instance, Counterstrike is a modification of Half-Life.

MP: Multiplayer


N1: Nice One. Used to compliment on a nice action made by an opponent.

NME: Enemy


OMFG: Oh My F**king God. Expression used to express awe or disbelief.

OMG: Oh My God. Expression used to express awe or disbelief.

Ownage: "Owning" someone

Owning: Beating an opponent with a large margin (I owned you!), claiming to be able to beat an opponent with a large margin (I own you!) or being very good in a certain game (you own in Quake!).


Packet Loss: The event in which packets of information between the client (you) and the game server are lost. Large amounts of packet loss will appear to you as though you're missing parts of the game's progress and players will appear to 'skip' frames of movement. If you have bad packet loss then it's often wise to reconnect or use a faster "ISP".

Patches: Files produced by a game's developer to fix "bugs", add new things to a game or change current things in the game. The player will generally have to download the latest patch to be able to play the game.

Pickup (CTF): The act of grabbing the flag after the "flag carrier" has dropped it due to being fragged. Also referred to as "takeover".

Ping: The number of milliseconds it takes to send a signal from you to the server and back. A ping of 1000 means it takes exactly 1 second to send this signal back and forth. Lower pings result in easier and better gameplay.

PK (MMORPG): "Player Killer"

PL: "Packet Loss"

Played: Well Played. Compliment on another player's gaming.

Player Killer (MMORPG): A player who deliberately engages in the act of killing other players. It is one of the most controversial subjects in the MMORPG scene.

Ploss: "Packet Loss"


Q3A (FPS): Quake 3 Arena

Q3F (TF): Quake 3 TeamFortress

Quad (Quake): "Quad Damage"

Quad Damage (Quake): A time-based powerup in Quake that multiplies all damage inflicted by the owner.

QW (FPS): QuakeWorld


RA (Quake): Red Armor

Regen (Quake): "Regeneration Rune" or "Regeneration"

Regeneration (Quake 3): A time-based powerup that gives the owner a costant addition of health. The powerup is ejected and left behind when the owner dies.

Regeneration Rune (Quake1): A powerup in the form of a rune which can be picked up and bestows the owner with the constant addition of health to himself. The rune is ejected and left behind when the owner dies.

Resist (Quake 1): "Resistance Rune"

Resistance Rune (Quake 1): A powerup in the form of a rune which can be picked up and bestows the owner with halved damage from all sources. The rune is ejected and left behind when the owner dies.

Respawn Camper (FPS): "Spawn Camper"

RTFM: Read The F**king Manual

Real Time Strategy: A game type in which the player generally controls an army of units. The game takes place in 'real time' which means the game goes on in a constant stream with all the players being able to act simultaneously. The first real time strategy game was Dune 2.

Respawn (FPS): The act of an item "spawning" again after being picked up before. Also the act of a player reappearing in the game after a death.

Return (CTF): The act of touching a flag after the enemy's flag carrier has been fragged, to make the flag return to its original position in base.

RG (FPS): Railgun

RJ (FPS): "Rocket Jump"

Rjump (FPS): "Rocket Jump"

RL (FPS): Rocket Launcher

Rocket Jump (FPS): A jump high into the air or forward made by jumping while simultaneously firing a rocket launcher into the ground.

Rocket Jumping (FPS): Employing a "rocket jump"

Role Playing Game: A type of game in which the player plays the role of a certain character in a certain setting. While the actual meaning of the word was to encompass the playing of a role in a way of acting, the current term RPG often refers to a game setting in which the character's attributes are displayed as a set of numbers. By adventuring in the game setting, the player can gain "experience" and enhance his "statistics" to become even stronger and able to face tougher opposition.

ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off. Expression used to express a player's joy.

RPG: "Role Playing Game"

RTS: "Real Time Strategy"


Sentry (TF): "Sentry Gun"

Sentry Gun (TF): Static, upgradable gun made by engineers, used mostly in defensive positions.

SG (TF): "Sentry Gun"

SP: Single Player

Spammer: Someone who produces "spam".

Strength (Quake 1): "Strength Rune"

Strength Rune (Quake 1): A powerup in the form of a rune which can be picked up and bestows the owner with doubled damage given to all opponents. The rune is ejected and left behind when the owner dies.

SG (FPS): Shotgun

Shard (FPS): Armor Shard

Shot: An expression used as a compliment for another player when he has made an amazing shot with his gun.

Shotty (FPS): Shotgun

SLPB: "Super Low Ping Bastard"

Spam: The excessive production of text by repetition. It is generally referred to as "lame".

Spam (FPS): The excessive production of explosive power in a certain area by flooding it with explosives.

Spamming: The act of producing "spam".

Spawn: The appearing of an object or player in the game on a certain point.

Spawn Point: General term for a point in the game where something "spawns".

Spawn Spot: "Spawn Point"

Spawncamper (FPS): Someone who "camps" at a "spawn point" to get easy "frags" by killing freshly spawned opponents.

Spawning: The act in which a "spawn" take place

Splash Damage: Damage caused by projectiles exploding near their target and thereby 'splashing' damage onto the target.

Statistics (RPG): The character's physical, mental and maybe other attributes displayed as a set of numbers.

Stats (RPG): "Statistics"

STFU: Shut The F**k Up

Super Low Ping Bastard: A player with a "ping" of under 30.


Takeover (CTF): The act of grabbing the flag after the "flag carrier" has dropped it due to being fragged. Also referred to as "pickup".

TBH: To Be Honest.

Team Fortress (FPS): Game played where a number of 'classes' of player are on offer. These include a sniper, medic, and spy. Each has there own skills.

Team Fortress Classic (TF): A "Team Fortress" MOD for half-life.

TF: "Team Fortress"

TFC: "Team Fortress Classic"

TP: Teamplay

Team Deathmatch (FPS): The type of "Deathmatch" where the players are devided into two teams and work together to kill the opponents.

Team Kill (FPS): The act of killing a teammate. If done on purpose, it's often regarded as "lame".

Team Killer (FPS): A player who deliberately engages in the act of making "Team Kills"

TK (FPS): "Team Kill"

Turn-Based: A game type where all the players act after each other in their own turn.


UT (FPS): Unreal Tournament



WTF: What The F**k or Who The F**k, the first often being used as an expression is misunderstanding or disbelief.



YA (Quake): Yellow Armor


Any other terms you want me to add. Tell me and I'll add them.

Long Live Imperial Bounty Hunters.